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Oil Sumps » Ultra High Performance Street and Race Pump
Originated and made in USA by Gene Berg Enterprises from 1980.

GB 210A 3.5 quart aluminium sump. Measures 2.75" deep, 9" front to back and 15.5" wide. Clears all Berg exhaust and traction bars. About same ground clearance as compared to the 1.5 quart but wider for more oil capacity. Designed for the best ground clearance while providing the extra oil capacity needed. Excellent for road racing and dune buggies with skid plate modified to clear. Good for extra fast street cars capable of fast acceleration up to 8000 RPM. You must specify if you need a different pickup tube size and we will provide the proper one. We ship the 3/4" (GB 215C) pickup tube that fits 1970 and later German, Mexican and some 1993 on Brazilian cases unless you specify differently.

Specify 5/8" (GB 215D) tube for Brazilian single or dual oil pressure relief valve case.

Specify 9/16" (GB 215E) tube for '64-'69 single German O/P case.

Shipped complete with GB 218 metric hardware kit, exclusive Berg mounting nuts (GB 210NUT) that mount this thick flanged sump onto the stock factory case studs and gasket kit. SW 12#

Note: GB 210 and GB 210A have cut-outs in the bottom plate area to allow the use of a socket and swivel extension to install the Berg special nuts.


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