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Oil Pumps » Oil Pumps - Technical Information
Berg pumps are standard 26 and 30mm VW pumps which we machine, blueprint, hard anodize and deck for maximum volume throughout the RPM range. They produce more than adequate oil pressure and volume, even for a 9,500-RPM engine. No larger pump is needed when all of the engine clearances are within factory wear limits. If you have a worn out or line bored engine, or too high of head temperature a giant oil pump will only put off fixing the problem or rebuilding for a short time. All Berg pumps are made for 8mm cases and are aluminum for proper expansion in correspondence with the case material. Originated by Bob Dixon and Gene Berg in 1972. Re-worked in USA by Gene Berg Enterprises. SW 2#

Note 1: All Berg Oil Pumps Work With Any Type VW Camshafts, Stock 3 or 4-Rivet Cams and 3-Bolt, Bolt On Gear Cams.

Note 2: The single oil pressure cases are being phased out by VW. For this reason we will be reducing production on our GB 231(A) pumps and will likely discontinue them in the future.


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