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(Some People Say We Are Expensive - Not True)

Anyone who makes this statement obviously has never used any of our products or services and has never compared the value they receive for the dollars they spend with us as compared to anyone else.

First, we suggest that you compare the quality of our products. Pick a product such as our 69mm-counterweighted crankshaft. No one even offers one dynamically balanced let alone properly match doweled to a flywheel. We are the only people in the business able to offer a new 69mm crank that is properly counterweighted. Next, compare the support provided by our staff. And let's not forget our exclusive copyrighted instructions supplied with the product to assist you in doing the job right the first time. No one else has that service. The price is not mentioned because many people are now selling lower quality products for far more than the cost of our superior quality products. We assure you that no one can come close to the value you receive with our products and services. Many of our customers with over three times the original power are reporting that our engine combinations have run for 150,000 miles or more with only head freshening being required. Now, that's what I call real value!

Sure, many items others sell may be similar or even the same as what we sell and sometimes we may sell them for slightly more. Why? Because with us you are assured the pick of the litter (POTL). No seconds or rejects. Our exclusive quality control is provided on every part that leaves our buildings. We reject many parts, which we return to our suppliers and these rejects are then sold to our competitors that simply buy and resell, often cheaper, and always without any inspection. Even genuine VW parts must be checked, with some requiring rejection or rework. Many dealers are now supplying the poor quality after market parts rather than the true factory parts.

Needless to say this inspection process requires many extra hours of key personnel's time that know the difference between good and bad. Many parts may appear to be the same; however, they are modified in one way or another before we sell them to you. The additional freight to return the bad merchandise to our supplier has to be added into the selling price. Often we must pay the supplier a premium price for the privilege of picking the POTL (pick of the litter) parts to sell you.

What irritates us is when our competition charges you more than we do for a lesser quality product than what we sell you, even one that we rejected. Why not do it right the first and only time, receiving the most return on what you have to spend?

Over 25,000 square feet of floor space in our 2 buildings is devoted exclusively to Type I, II (upright), and III air cooled Volkswagen high performance engine and transaxle product research, development, testing, manufacturing, and distributing. Our commitment is to provide customers with products that are as good or better than the factory parts they replace, even when subjected to higher performance. They must pass our extensive testing program before they will be sold to anyone, provide as long a life or longer than the part they replace, fit properly, work correctly and provide the best possible value in the industry or we will not sell them without stating so. We use the products we sell in the VW's we drive daily and in our race vehicles. Our inspection process on every part that leaves this building (whether we make it or buy it for resale) is extensive. This assures you of the best possible POTL (pick of the litter) product in this industry. No one else in the VW business can make such claims.

You are invited to visit us and ask for a tour of our facility on your next trip to Disneyland or the Los Angeles area. This will allow you to see who we are, how we make our products and assure you that we really can provide and do what we claim.


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